Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have had the worse case of the flu. This is the end of three weeks of being sick. I missed a whole week of work and had a fever for 5 days. I've never had anything like this in my life. I lost almost 8 pounds and I really didn't have it to lose.

Three weeks without running has almost killed me. I have gotten mean and all I think about is running or working out. I dream about running. This has almost gotten crazy.

I tried riding my bike Tuesday and it wasn't pretty. I made it about 30 minutes but I had to pull over three times with severe caughing fits. When I got home from the head down I was great but my head almost exploded with my sinus pain.

Tonight I biked for 45 minutes and didn't really have the cough as much. I had 2 fits but didn't have to stop. Tonight my sinus pain hurts so bad I can't even eat. My doctor said that my flu gave me a sinus infection. I have some meds but it isn't helping enough.

I'm going to run this weekend no matter what. I just can't stand it anymore. I've missed my spring marathon and my first triathlon is Saturday. There is no way that I can compete in a race right now.

This is a part of running. There are ups and downs. There is health and sickness. In my glass is half full way of thinking, the flu is better than IT band or pulling a muscle or an ACL tear. I'll get over the flu.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What are you doing now? I'm going to Disney World

I took my kids to Disney World last week. It really was a lot of fun but it definitely wasn't a vacation. My wife planned the whole trip and really did a great job.

We were scheduled to fly from Virginia to Florida direct on Airtran at 12:30 on Saturday. We arrived at the airport at 11:00am. When I walked into the terminal the Airtran there must have been a hundred people in line. What is going on? Someone told me that the flight had been canceled. Are you kidding what am I going to do with my kids? The wife an dkids found a seat and I waited in line. After about 10 minutes my oldest son comes over and says, "Mom says call the airlines like they do on the Amazing race." Sounds good. I called the airlines and finally got us booked on an 8:30pm direct flight with 5 seats together. Almost everyone in front of us got booked on a 5:30am flight the next day. UGHHHHHHH! Good call dear.

Spending a whole week with my family was great. I had so much fun with them and it was great to see the excited and really happy. Discipline in a family theme park is the easiest thing to do, and my kids quickly figured it out. Everyday the boys stretched their boundaries until waiting in line became a Little Rascals episode.

I only ran twice during the week. 5 miles both days.

The family was shark bait at Epcot.

All of us for a photo.
My little monkies.

The monkies outside of Magic Kingdom. Don't let the cute little girl fool you. She can hold her own with the two brothers.