Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today I did my Own Triathlon - Sorta

Woke up and ran 4.2 miles with the guys at 6:00am. It was cold, 48! They wanted to go fast so off I went with no warm up straight to 7:15 pace. Last mile around 7:05 pace.

Went in the house to warm up and get caffinated. Went for a 10 mile bike ride after coffee. Legs were tired and hurt, but they should be tired after last night's run and the tempo run this morning. MPH slipped on the way back but I kept pumping and felt good about the effort when I got home.

Ate like a fiend all day. Had to go to a trade show and buffet lunch with some co-workers. They sat opened mouthed watching me eat plate after plate of food. Gotta fuel the furnace baby, fuel the furnace.

This afternoon went to the gym for a swim. Did 7 X 50 of warmup and drills. Then swam 1 X 1500 at a pretty good pace. My effort is strong but my efficency in the water is poor. Gotta get some lessons and quick.

Scheduled for a 30 mile ride tomorrow with a friend. Should be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

9 Miles

I'm going to start posting everyday only if it's a few sentences to track my workouts. I don't need to write a novel each post.

Today's Workout
Weights at the YMCA, mainly arms and chest
Core work, hanging crunches, sit ups
9 miles at 9:15 pace
Ran with a buddy, the time flies when I run with friends

Sunday, April 20, 2008

50 Miles - But Not at One Time

I had to attend a 3 day conference last and it really screwed up my schedule. On Saturday 2 of my running buddies planned on running a 50 miler at a local part. The event is an annual 24 hour run for charity. I decided that after my conference I would stop by and finish the race with my friends.

I arrived at the park at 6:30pm. I met my friends at the car where they were resting and eating. During an endurance race fueling is key. My friends plan was to run one loop, or 3.5 miles and then head to the car to eat and drink for about 10 minutes. My friends were scheduled to have one lap left at 6:30pm.

When I arrived my buddies had 13 miles left and they looked beat. I quickly saw why these things are called endurance events.

Monday, April 7, 2008


The alarm clock rang at 5:00am.
I am an athlete. Athletes get up and workout everyday whether they want to or not.

But it sounds like it’s raining and it’s supposed to be in the mid 40’s. This bed sure is warm.

Get out of bed right now! We’ve got miles to run! We’re never gonna make it to Boston if we sleep all the time.

Hold on a minute. There I hit snooze. I think about what you said and get back to you in 9 minutes.

The alarm clock rang at 5:09am.

Listen, we have our Monday morning meeting today at 9:00am. Unless we get up right now and really get moving we will never get our miles in and make it the office by 8:00am. I’m gonna hit snooze and we’ll try again tomorrow.

Let me tell you what we’re going to do. We are getting up right now and get dressed fast. We are heading outside no matter what and we are running at least 5 miles. Don’t you do it! Stop don’t hit the button.

See ya in 9 minutes sucker!

The alarm clock rang at 5:18am.
Look it’s too late. I’m not even arguing with you anymore. These covers are too warm. See ya in 9 minutes. Click.

This went on until 6:45am. I don’t know how I can hit the snooze but for an hour and forty five minutes but I can. And by the way, my alarm clock is across the room. I have to get out of bed to hit snooze. I can promise you that this whole operation does not make my wife happy at all.

So soccer practice was canceled due to bad weather. Yea I can go to the gym and get my miles in. I am still trying to get back in shape after the 3 ½ weeks off so most runs are just easy until I get the mileage up. I couldn’t remember what I was scheduled for today but I knew it was at least 5 miles. I ate a Snickers Marathon bar before coming to the gym. It sat in my stomach like a load of bricks. After two miles I thought I was going to die. I walked for 30 seconds and tried again. A guy I grew up with got on the treadmill beside me and we started talking about the economy. Before I knew it I was at 7.5 miles. Well you can’t stop on a treadmill on an uneven number. I hit 8 miles and 1000 calories. ( I like to track calories because it tells me how much cake or cookies I can eat later and not feel guilty. I’ll talk about that another day. I run, so I can Eat!)

I have been reading a couple of guys blogs. Both guys are weeks away from sub 3:00 attempts and both guys are 10 years younger than me. They are also both injured right know and that really scares me. I stretched real good tonight and I’m going make a serious effort to stretch everyday.

Pretty good day. Tomorrow, I hope to get up early. We’ll see.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I ran 5.2 miles today through the Yorktown Battlefields. I ran around a 9:00 pace and stopped nearly every mile. It was a great run!

Not because of my performance, the pace was slow and I felt really strong. I didn’t need the walk breaks my heart rate never got going really. What made this run special was that I ran with one of my good friends that’s just getting back into running. My buddy used to be a College XC runner so he knows what to do, it’s just been a matter of doing it. Two kids and a lot of years latter and he’s just getting started again.

Running is definitely an individual sport, but I really love an easy recovery run with a good friend, or even a newly made friend that I know nothing about. I have meet people in a parking lot at 6:00am and by 8:30 and 17 miles later I end up knowing stuff about these people that their close friends never had the time to ask.

I ran all summer with a group of guys from my neighborhood. By fall these guys were close friends. We all decided to travel one weekend and run the Kiawah Island Marathon in Charleston, South Carolina. Due to too much racing last fall, (3 marathons in one month and Kiawah a month later) I had to DNF at the half marathon point. I waited for two of my friends to finish and it was very emotional. One guy was trying to break 3:40 and he was so close. I was screaming at him during the finish you would have thought that I had a thousand on him to win the Kentucky Derby it was great. My other friend had always grown up in his big brother’s shadow. His brother had run a 4:00 marathon and that was his time to beat. After several attempts and at the age of 50, he beat his brother that day with a 3:50. For the last ¼ mile I kept screaming you’re gonna beat NED! It was very emotional and a great feeling.

Sometimes it’s not about the performance but about the experience. Running for me isn’t a sport but a lifestyle. And I really enjoy sharing that lifestyle with new and old friends.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Day Back

Yesterday was my first run in 3 1/2 weeks. I have never had a flu that kept me down like this thing did. I ran my normal 5.2 mile loop through Yorktown. I started slow and steady and I felt really good.

Yorktown is a great place to run. It's a natioanl park where Washington beat Lord Cornwalis and where America won it's independence. The park has nearly 20 miles of paved asphalt tour roads. These are asphalt one ways roads that are about a car and a half wide. On a normal 6 mile run I might see one car and they are only driving around 15 miles an hour.

The tour roads are mostly covered by large trees so they are great to run in during the summer heat. The roads take you through the actual battlefields and the encampments where the French and American soilders fought the British. Today the area is large fields with green grass. Since the entire park is protected the area is full of wildlife. It is common to be running at dusk and look out across a field and see a herd of 30 or 40 deer.

Running through the battlefields is so peaceful. It is always time that I can spend with my thoughts. The only sounds are the wind and birds in the trees. When work is just terrible all I want to do is put my shoes on and run through Yorktown.

The terrain is rolling and there are several decent hills. It is a great place to run. The national park backs up to a city park that has miles of dirt trails. I can go out and run 25 plus miles and never cross the same path. Oh and this is only a mile from the house. I'll post some pictures soon.