Monday, April 7, 2008


The alarm clock rang at 5:00am.
I am an athlete. Athletes get up and workout everyday whether they want to or not.

But it sounds like it’s raining and it’s supposed to be in the mid 40’s. This bed sure is warm.

Get out of bed right now! We’ve got miles to run! We’re never gonna make it to Boston if we sleep all the time.

Hold on a minute. There I hit snooze. I think about what you said and get back to you in 9 minutes.

The alarm clock rang at 5:09am.

Listen, we have our Monday morning meeting today at 9:00am. Unless we get up right now and really get moving we will never get our miles in and make it the office by 8:00am. I’m gonna hit snooze and we’ll try again tomorrow.

Let me tell you what we’re going to do. We are getting up right now and get dressed fast. We are heading outside no matter what and we are running at least 5 miles. Don’t you do it! Stop don’t hit the button.

See ya in 9 minutes sucker!

The alarm clock rang at 5:18am.
Look it’s too late. I’m not even arguing with you anymore. These covers are too warm. See ya in 9 minutes. Click.

This went on until 6:45am. I don’t know how I can hit the snooze but for an hour and forty five minutes but I can. And by the way, my alarm clock is across the room. I have to get out of bed to hit snooze. I can promise you that this whole operation does not make my wife happy at all.

So soccer practice was canceled due to bad weather. Yea I can go to the gym and get my miles in. I am still trying to get back in shape after the 3 ½ weeks off so most runs are just easy until I get the mileage up. I couldn’t remember what I was scheduled for today but I knew it was at least 5 miles. I ate a Snickers Marathon bar before coming to the gym. It sat in my stomach like a load of bricks. After two miles I thought I was going to die. I walked for 30 seconds and tried again. A guy I grew up with got on the treadmill beside me and we started talking about the economy. Before I knew it I was at 7.5 miles. Well you can’t stop on a treadmill on an uneven number. I hit 8 miles and 1000 calories. ( I like to track calories because it tells me how much cake or cookies I can eat later and not feel guilty. I’ll talk about that another day. I run, so I can Eat!)

I have been reading a couple of guys blogs. Both guys are weeks away from sub 3:00 attempts and both guys are 10 years younger than me. They are also both injured right know and that really scares me. I stretched real good tonight and I’m going make a serious effort to stretch everyday.

Pretty good day. Tomorrow, I hope to get up early. We’ll see.

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johnking said...

am I that injured guy?!?!
Stretching does wonders...I just really started actual stretching, compared to my 3 minute routine. I can already tell the difference in my flexibility.