Sunday, April 20, 2008

50 Miles - But Not at One Time

I had to attend a 3 day conference last and it really screwed up my schedule. On Saturday 2 of my running buddies planned on running a 50 miler at a local part. The event is an annual 24 hour run for charity. I decided that after my conference I would stop by and finish the race with my friends.

I arrived at the park at 6:30pm. I met my friends at the car where they were resting and eating. During an endurance race fueling is key. My friends plan was to run one loop, or 3.5 miles and then head to the car to eat and drink for about 10 minutes. My friends were scheduled to have one lap left at 6:30pm.

When I arrived my buddies had 13 miles left and they looked beat. I quickly saw why these things are called endurance events.

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