Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long Run - On a Thursday Morning

I am following the Pfitz 70 plus plan which calls for weekly long runs in the middle of the week. Yesterday, I just couldn't get out of bed. I skipped running and stayed in bed. I felt guilty all day but I am glad I did it because I feel a whole lot better today.

So this morning I went out for 15 mile run and it went great. I felt really strong until the last 2 miles and my hips started getting sore. Not the muscles but the bones. I was glad to be home.

The weather was high 60's and was perfect. I never run with a shirt except in the winter so it was almost chilly the first couple of miles. The birds were out in full force and their songs were so nice to hear today. Why anyone would listen to an ipod I'll never know. The sounds of my footstrike, the noise of my breath, and the song from the birds made me really thankful to be alive. God has really blessed me and my family and this morning I was so happy that I am strong and healthy and able to run for 2 hours in God's beautiful outdoors.

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johnking said...

I appreciate the swift kick in the butt. Seriously though, thanks for the comments...I needed someone to just plain tell me to shut the heck up and just deal with it!